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pille sportsbar leverkusen About Us

drucken word 2013 rocket. was launched in february 2008 to enrich the city of munich with a concept store, that carries finest premium streetwear, scandinavian brands, shoes and sneakers, selected books and other nice little things... not forget to mention the streetart gallery inside the store. rocket. tries to combine the love for streetwear with the love for scandinavia of milo and magu, the couple behind the rocket. concept.
the rocket. store looks with its columns, steel girders and the old wooden floor like a lounge location in the heart of the city’s upcoming district, the „glockenbachviertel“ and is surrounded by the hippest clubs, bars and restaurants.

julie benz darla the products at rocket. are carefully selected - for everyone. and everyone who has
an eye for the exclusive and wants to be more than just a normal fashion victim.
therefore rocket. has a vision:

streetwear and sportswear are for everyone, not only for collab-hunters.

einfache flechtfrisuren mittellanges haar women’s clothing can be more as jeans and has not always be skinny shaped.

fußbremse motorrad einstellen t-shirts are sexy.

japan current time books – if selected – are good. as well as wallstickers.

adresse auf briefumschlag toys are not only for kids.

fensterdekorationen gardinen beispiele there are a lot of other countries besides the US, and they make really nice clothes.

auge nase mund ohr look to all the scandinavian brands...

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